For charity to continue, good work and recognition must go hand-in-hand

This is the philosophy which inspired the inception of Spirit of Humanity as a recognition and reward platform for exemplary contributions made towards the society.

Over the years, Spirit of Humanity has expanded its scope to become a national-level platform for collaboration, capacity building, rewards and recognition within the social sector in India. Thought leaders from corporate, government, academia, social and CSR sectors unite at Spirit of Humanity for rendering their knowledge & expertise in evaluating the social impact created by participating organizations.

Spirit of Humanity follows a stringent 3-step evaluation process in order to identify the best-in-class NGOs each year. Apart from being a Social Awards and Recognition platform, Spirit of Humanity is an excellent place for knowledge sharing and networking.

Application window for the 12th edition of Spirit of Humanity is now closed. Stay tuned for more updates! Check the section.

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